August 18, 2021

Hey, everyone! Did you know that Party in the Park is paid for by local Chamber of Commerce business members?

They do this to celebrate the community that supports them! Organizers of Party in the Park are made up of volunteers, business owners, and board members who want to bring a sense of community to Litchfield.

Soooo... take a look at the schedule of events we have planned at Party in the Park!

What fun is a community event... when we don't have community involvement!?

So, this is our invitation to YOU! Please join us and help make the 40th year of Party in the Park the best!

To view and register for the many events we're hosting, go to our Party in the Park page where you will find registration and other information for each event there.

If you are a business that is interested in joining in on this awesome community event, send us an email at We look forward to having you participate!